Auctions of fine instruments and bows are held twice a year in London, usually in March and October, with the deadline for consigning instruments approximately two months prior to the auction date.

Ingles & Hayday’s informal valuation service is free and without obligation. We can provide initial assessments based upon good-quality images or can arrange an appointment to meet one of our experts at our premises in London or on one of our international valuation days. If you have a stringed instrument or bow that you would like authenticated or valued, please contact us by phone in the UK on +44 20 7042 7337 or in the US on +1 646 480 7038. Alternatively, you can email us at or you can complete the valuation form below.

Valuation Form

If you would like to arrange a valuation, please provide your details and as much information about the instrument or bow as possible. For a guide on how to photograph your instrument or bow, please click here

    Your Details

    Instrument Details - Where Known

    Please upload photographs (max 5MB/photo) of your instrument or bow, as well as any certificates or any other relevant documentation.

    Ingles & Hayday would like to send you information about our events and services, by post, telephone and email. If you agree to being contacted in this way, please tick the relevant box.

    Step by step guide to selling your instrument at auction

    Below is an outline of the process for selling an instrument or bow at auction. If you are interested in consigning to one of our upcoming sales or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us

    1. Valuation & Attribution

    Tim Ingles and Paul Hayday will offer an initial evaluation of the authenticity and value of your instrument or bow. At this stage, the assessment is free and without obligation. In the first instance, we suggest submitting good-quality images to us, preferably by email to or by completing the valuation form. You can arrange an appointment to see Tim and Paul in person either at our premises in London or on one of our international valuation days, which are listed on our Calendar page.

    2. Research

    If at this stage you are interested in consigning, we will usually ask you to leave your instrument or bow with us for a couple of weeks. At this point both you and Ingles & Hayday will sign a receipt document acknowledging that it is in our care and fully covered under our insurance policy. Tim and Paul will then carry out further research to define the attribution of the instrument or bow to a specific maker.

    3. Consignment

    Using their expertise in the international market, Tim and Paul will recommend an auction estimate and reserve price for your instrument or bow. Once you are comfortable with the recommended price, both you and Ingles & Hayday will sign an agreement which clearly sets out the description of your instrument, estimate, reserve price, sale date, our fees and terms and conditions.

    4. The Sale

    Ingles & Hayday arrange for high-quality photographs of your instrument to be taken for our auction catalogue. You will receive a copy of the catalogue once it has been printed and are welcome to view the online bidding when the sale closes from 1pm on the sale day. All vendors will be notified of the sale results by the following day.

    5. Payment

    Following the successful sale of your instrument, payment is made thirty-five days after the auction, either by wire transfer or cheque, less Ingles & Hayday’s fees. You will also receive a settlement statement detailing the hammer price, commission and expenses where applicable.