Absentee Bidding Form

The auctioneer will bid on your behalf up to your indicated maximum bid. Absentee bidding is subject to approval. You will receive an email confirming that you have been approved and that your bid has been registered. If your bid is successful, you will receive an invoice by email on the day of the auction.

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    Please bid on the following lots on my behalf


    Lot Number

    Maximum Bid (GBP Sterling)

    Bid 1 Lot Number

    Bid 1 Maximum Bid (GBP Sterling)

    Bid 2 Lot Number

    Bid 2 Maximum Bid (GBP Sterling)

    Bid 3 Lot Number

    Bid 3 Maximum Bid (GBP Sterling)

    Bid 4 Lot Number

    Bid 4 Maximum Bid (GBP Sterling)

    Bid 5 Lot Number

    Bid 5 Maximum Bid (GBP Sterling)

    Bid 6 Lot Number

    Bid 6 Maximum Bid (GBP Sterling)

    Bid 7 Lot Number

    Bid 7 Maximum Bid (GBP Sterling)

    If you require the services of a shipper or would like a quote for transportation, you may want to contact one of the shippers below:

    Alban Shipping
    +44 (0)1582 49 3099

    Sterling Art Services
    +44 (0)1753 699 750

    Guide for absentee & telephone bidding and conditions of Business.


    Before the Auction we will try to purchase the lot(s) of your choice for the lowest price possible (dependent on the reserve price and other bids) and never for more than the maximum bid amount that you have indicated. Where appropriate, your bids will be rounded down to the nearest amount consistent with the auctioneers bidding increments.

    Please place your bids as early as possible, as in the event of identical commission bids the earliest received will take precedence. Bids should be submitted at least twenty-four hours before the auction.

    If bidding by telephone, we suggest that you leave a maximum bid which we can execute on your behalf in the event that we are unable to reach you. On request and with sufficient notice, we may be able to have multi-lingual staff available to execute bids for you.

    Please refer to Condition 5 of the Conditions of Business printed in the sale catalogue.

    After the Auction Successful bidders will receive an invoice detailing their purchases and giving instructions for payment and clearance of goods.

    Completing This Form

    This form should be used for one auction only. The sale date is shown on the top right of this form.

    Please record accurately the lot numbers, descriptions and the maximum hammer price you are willing to pay for each lot. Instructions to "BUY" on unlimited bids will not be accepted.

    Bids must be numbered in the same order as the lots appear in the catalogue.

    Alternate bids for items can be made by placing the word 'OR' between lot numbers.

    This means if your bid on an early lot is successful, we will not continue to bid on subsequent lots for you or if your early bids are unsuccessful, we will continue to execute bids for the remaining lots listed on your commission bidding form.

    If you are arranging a telephone bid, please clearly specify the telephone number on which you can be reached at the time of the sale, including the country code. We will call you from the saleroom shortly before the relevant lot is offered.


    You will be asked to present documentation confirming your identity before your property or sale proceeds can be released to you. We may also contact you to request a bank reference before executing your bid or granting permission to bid on the telephone.

    Please provide government issued photographic identification such as a passport, identity card or drivers licence and confirm your permanent address.

    Conditions of Absentee & Telephone Bidding

    Please note that the execution of commission and telephone bids is offered as an additional service for no extra charge. Such bids are executed at the bidder's risk and undertaken subject to Ingles & Hayday Ltd's other commitments at the time of the auction. Ingles & Hayday Ltd therefore cannot accept liability for any error or failure to place such bids.

    All bids are subject to the Conditions of Business applicable to the sale printed in the sale catalogue. Buyer's Premium in the amount stated in the section "Useful Information for Buying at Auction", in the back of the sale catalogue and on will be added to the hammer price as part of the total purchase price, plus any applicable taxes and charges.

    Bids will be executed for the lowest price as is permitted by other bids or reserves.

    Where appropriate your written bids will be rounded down to the nearest amount consistent with the auctioneer's bidding increments.


    In the event that you are successful, payment is due immediately after the sale unless otherwise agreed in advance. Payment may be made by bank transfer, credit card (subject to a surcharge), debit card or cheque. You will be sent full details on how to pay with your invoice.

    Data Protection

    From time to time, Ingles & Hayday Ltd may ask clients to provide personal information about themselves or obtain information about clients from third parties (e.g. credit information). If you provide Ingles & Hayday Ltd with information that is defined by law as "sensitive", you agree that Ingles & Hayday Ltd may use it in connection with the management and operation of our business and the marketing and supply of Ingles & Hayday's services, or as required by law. Ingles & Hayday Ltd will not use or process sensitive information for any other purpose without your express consent. If you would like further information on Ingles & Hayday Ltd's policies on personal data, to opt out of receiving marketing material, or to make corrections to your information please contact us on +44 (0)20 7042 7337 /

    In order to fulfil the services that clients have requested, Ingles & Hayday Ltd may disclose information to third parties (e.g. shippers). Some countries do not offer equivalent legal protection of personal information to that offered within the EU. It is Ingles & Hayday Ltd's policy to require that any such third parties respect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients' information and provide the same level of protection for client's information as provided within the EU, whether or not they are located in a country that offers equivalent legal protection of personal information. By signing this Absentee and Telephone Bidding Form you agree to such disclosure, please note that for security purposes Ingles & Hayday Ltd's premises are subject to video recording. Telephone calls e.g. telephone bidding/voicemail messages may also be recorded.

    I agree to be bound by Ingles & Hayday Ltd.'s "Conditions of Business" and the information set out overleaf in the Guide for Absentee and Telephone Bidding, which is published in the catalogue for sale. I consent to the use of this information and any other information obtained by Ingles & Hayday Ltd. in accordance with the Guide for Absentee and Telephone Bidding and Conditions of Business.

    Ingles & Hayday would like to send you information about our events and services, by post, telephone and email. If you agree to being contacted in this way, please tick the relevant box.