Advice for Travelling to England

When travelling to England from a country not on the UK’s RED LIST, provided you are fully vaccinated you will need to do the following:


Before departing for England:

  1. Bring proof of full vaccination status
  2. Book UK ‘Day 2’ Covid test. Once booked, you will receive a code which is required for point 3 below. (For arrivals before the 24th October, this will be a UK government approved PCR test.  For arrivals from the 24th October, this will be a UK government approved Lateral Flow / rapid Antigen test, which should be cheaper than a PCR test.)
  3. Within 48 hours prior to your arrival in England, complete a UK Passenger Locator Form


After arriving in England:

  1. Show above documents at immigration
  2. Complete ‘Day 2’ Covid test or ‘Lateral Flow’ Covid test (depending on arrival date – see above), any time from arrival day (day 0) to day 2 after arrival.


Important Notes:

  • Countries on the UK Red list: click here to view a full list of countries on the UK Red list
  • Vaccination: To qualify as ‘fully vaccinated’, you must have received 2 vaccines approved by the UK at least 14 days prior to arriving in England.  Click here to view full details of which vaccines are approved for arrival in England.


Day 2 Tests – for arrivals before 24th October

We have used a number of ‘day 2’ COVID-19 tests from different providers and can recommend the following companies.  Once you have purchased your test, you will need to enter the booking reference in your passenger locator form.

  • Randox Health – £43 with discount code BritishAirways. See more here. 
  • Oncologica – £55. Learn more here.


Lateral Flow Tests – for arrivals from 24th October

We currently don’t have any providers for Lateral Flow Tests as the UK Government will make this information available from 22nd October.  Click here to view their press release for Lateral Flow tests.

Please note, this page is designed to help your travel plans. Ingles & Hayday cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions or inaccuracies.  Please make your own enquires with your travel operator or consult the UK Government website.